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With Shping’s price compare feature, a single household can save up to $3000 every year. Now you can become a savvy shopper by comparing prices in the Shping app within seconds. People have been shopping specials since the start of time. We have just made it easier than ever before and putting the power back in the palm of your hand.


Product 1


A nice lip balm
I've been using carmex lip balm for over 2 years now. It's the only balm that gives me instant relief when my lips are dry and cracking.
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Sara Cardenas
Product 2

Nuttelex Coconut 375g

Great product
It is a healthy alternative that does not taste bad compared to normal butter
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Rachael Downing
Product 3

Campbells Country Ladle Soup 505g

Awesome product
This is the best chunky chicken soup! It creamy too. You get about 8-10 pieces of 10 cents size chicken in each can and relatively cheap.
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Jessica Jones
Product 4


Absolutely Fabulous!
One of my favourites. Chocolatey, slight crunchiness and the beautiful golden honeycomb pieces throughout the bottom of the block. You won't be disappointed.
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Cass Hall
Product 5

Woolworths Fresh Minestrone Soup Low Fat

Great for lunch or dinner. 3.5 health star rating. great price only $3
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Sarah Caruana


Genuine Reviews
are a scan away

Shping allows you to see what other users are saying about a product before you purchase to make sure you are always making the smartest decision. You can also earn rewards for contributing reviews on products you have used.


Earn Resources

You’ll earn rewards every time you use the app. Scanning barcodes, comparing prices, writing reviews, and storing your receipts will all earn you Shping Coins. Our Coins never expire and can be easily converted into real money, meaning you can spend your rewards any way you like!

By making Shping a regular part of your shopping routine, you’ll quickly advance to higher reward levels which have better perks and the ability to earn more Shping Coins.

Loyalty cards

Store everything
in one place

Some people carry up to 30 loyalty cards in their wallet. Crazy I know! Make your wallet a lot lighter by storing a digital version of those cards in the Shping app. Not only do you not have to carry them around anymore, but you can earn extra rewards for storing them in Shping.

Keeping my family safe and healthy with Shping

I am a mum of two and I make sure I only buy items, clothing and toys that are safe for my kids! I use the Shping app to make sure the product has not been recalled and are safe for my babies. 🤗

Relevant and useful reviews

Good way to earn money. Great way to read reviews.

Each cashout put a smile on my face :)

The great app gets me some every extra cash !!! GO GO Shping!!!

Love that cash rewards

Excellent use of rewards.

Saving with every shopping trip

Excellent idea for shopping and saving!

Getting paid while I shop

Very nice app :) Earnings token for free is very helpful. Awesome app

Great App!

Works great, but givibg effort to the itwms you are adding taking time to validate.

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Christine Rianne
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Tzlil Kahalani
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Anatoli Tolik Eidelman
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Tim Richardson
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Wasim B
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Lolita De Guzman
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Christy Gelena